Return Policy

Product returns due to error

In any case where the products you have ordered and paid for are not delivered by quantity, type or in any other case of error, the buyer – user of our online store reserves the right to immediately return the products to our Company, and in any case within three (3) days from their certified receipt, as long as they are intact and sealed, with their packaging and accompanying documents intact, for checking and ascertaining the error by our Company. In this case, the costs of returning the products to us as well as the costs of forwarding the order to the buyer are borne by our Company, provided that there is no change in the way of returning the sold products (i.e. the products are returned in the same way as they were received ). .

Returns of defective products

In the event that it is found that the delivered product is defective due to the Company’s fault, the buyer – user of our online store, is entitled not to receive, but to return immediately and in any case within three (3) days of certified receipt of the defective product ( intact and sealed) to the Company together with all accompanying documents and with its packaging intact. If it is a defect discovered later after delivery and the packaging is not present, packaging of the product is not required. The return of defective products will be carried out at the expense of our Company both in terms of the costs of sending the defective products to us, and for the costs of sending the new products to the buyer. After the products are returned, the defective product is checked by the Company, which will contact you to inform you about the result of the check. If the defect is identified by our Company, the product will be replaced, otherwise the transaction will be canceled in case the product cannot be replaced in a reasonable time. In the event of cancellation of the transaction, the refund of the initial purchase is made interest-free in the same manner in which the buyer’s original payment to the Company was made, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Cancellation of order

If the online order has been completed but the product has not yet been shipped, the buyer can request in writing from the Company the cancellation of his order, either through our online store or by e-mail to The due to cancellation of the order by the buyer may incur additional charges for him related to the volume of the order, the time of cancellation, any charges of the Company for this reason, etc. We will notify you in writing in the same way and by the same means that you requested the cancellation of your order, any charges.